Aldio Kalamansi Liqueur
750 ml

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Product Description
Kalamansi is a type of lime which is very small and has round fruit that’s ubiquitous in the Philippines. The fruits are often used when the rind is still green. This fruit is packed with flavor and aroma and is popular in culinary and medicinal fields. The concoction of Aldio Kalamansi Liqueur is based on the concept of an alcoholic beverage bursting with health benefits suited for light social drinking (for cocktail mixing) and yet, can still be enjoyed as digestif like Italy’s Limoncello. It starts off at selecting the best quality kalamansi, creation of syrup from sugarcane extracts and neutral liquor. The method of extraction, brewing and ripening of the blend is precisely done in a home-made fashion to achieve the true taste of kalamansi without the sourness.


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